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November mist

OK, OK, I know I am in the wrong month and should be looking forward to spring…but I’m indulging my autumnal senses again with an image of November mist rising in early morning sunlight.  Apart from the eerie quality of … Continue reading

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Stately homes

Today’s picture is of Wilton House, a very grand stately home which I had the pleasure of visiting a couple of years ago; some of you may remember earlier pictures of its splendid Laburnum walk.  One of the things I … Continue reading

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Reflecting windows

At first glance, today’s image looks very neat and symmetrical, but on careful examination it’s full of untidy disruptions to that sense of order.  One of the columns of windows sits slightly recessed from the others, carving a deeper line … Continue reading

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Trees framing trees

We are back to my ongoing obsession with trees today, I’m afraid!  The leaves of the tree in the foreground frame the cluster of trees in the background here, which I feel helps draw you into the image.  The trees … Continue reading

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I promised landscape after the last few days of abstract meanderings, so here we go.  Sunset pictures are often considered to be principally about the colours, but I think that’s only part of the story – the shape of the … Continue reading

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A pot of gold

The faint trace of a rainbow through an overcast sky is what initially prompted me to take today’s picture.  The frequency with which rainbows crop up in legends and stories is testament to their power to tantalise us – so … Continue reading

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An avenue of trees

When I’m teaching photography, one of the themes we usually look at quite early on is how to get a sense of depth into an image.  Leading lines, strong foreground and background, or inventive framing are all potentially powerful ways … Continue reading

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Just to be contrary…

So the weather has finally turned, and autumn (or maybe even winter) is finally upon us.  So just to be contrary, today’s image shows a spring leaf bursting forth at Ham House gardens.  Before anyone suggests that this is yet … Continue reading

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Pattern in the sky

I recently caught part of a TV programme my partner was watching about the architecture of new houses.  One of the architects was explaining how he had been inspired by a photograph taken looking up at the sky through the … Continue reading

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A view across the valley

After the Easter weekend, I am heading out into the countryside of Oxfordshire to spend a few days teaching photography in the magnificent surroundings of Denman College.  We will spend some time taking photographs in that splendid setting, as well … Continue reading

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