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Towering pillars

Today’s image shows the magnificent interior and towering pillars of Gorton Monastery near Manchester.  It was designed by Edward Pugin (son of Augustus Pugin who worked alongside Charles Barry on the creation of the Palace of Westminster).  Gorton is a … Continue reading

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The view between

This view between two beach huts was taken a few years ago on the Essex coast.  Beach huts seem to be a popular subject for photography, especially if they are painted in bright and contrasting colours. These ones were rather … Continue reading

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Textured surface

When I’m teaching new photographers, one of the things which seems to excite people most is the move from Auto to Aperture-Priority function, allowing the photographer to control the depth of field in their image.  In basic principle, it is … Continue reading

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Flowers beyond the window

Compositional techniques like framing and leading lines are not just about making pretty pictures, they should also be a key part of the way in which each picture tells its story.  With something like framing, the relationship between the frame … Continue reading

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London at night photography tours

In the new year, I am running a series of night-time photo walks in partnership with the London Transport Museum, and I am pleased to report they are selling out fast!  Night-time is such a fascinating time to see the … Continue reading

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Trees framing trees

We are back to my ongoing obsession with trees today, I’m afraid!  The leaves of the tree in the foreground frame the cluster of trees in the background here, which I feel helps draw you into the image.  The trees … Continue reading

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The church in the garden

Today’s image shows one of my favourite churches in London – St Paul’s Church in Covent Garden.  Originally built in the mid-1600s by Inigo Jones, it has become associated with the acting profession; and inside, plaques in memory of members … Continue reading

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I promised landscape after the last few days of abstract meanderings, so here we go.  Sunset pictures are often considered to be principally about the colours, but I think that’s only part of the story – the shape of the … Continue reading

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Square and triangle

I think I must be in an abstract mood at the moment, judging from the last couple of pictures I’ve chosen.  Apologies – we’ll go back to landscapes soon, I promise… Today I’ve chosen a sight which has since disappeared … Continue reading

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Almost like footsteps

A few years ago I undertook a short photography project which involved taking images in the streets near where I live – in the course of the shoot, I can’t have ventured much more than a mile from my own … Continue reading

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