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Stately homes

Today’s picture is of Wilton House, a very grand stately home which I had the pleasure of visiting a couple of years ago; some of you may remember earlier pictures of its splendid Laburnum walk.  One of the things I … Continue reading

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I promised landscape after the last few days of abstract meanderings, so here we go.  Sunset pictures are often considered to be principally about the colours, but I think that’s only part of the story – the shape of the … Continue reading

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November landscape

Having been so contrary with yesterday’s springtime post, I thought I’d better get back with the programme and focus on autumn today, so I’m sharing a picture that was indeed taken in November, albeit a few years ago, in Yorkshire. … Continue reading

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Avenue of trees

The other day, I was hanging some new pictures at home.  Actually I tell a lie, I’m hopeless at hanging pictures, so a kind friend was doing it for me.  As we were positioning them, I commented that I don’t … Continue reading

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Dark foreground, bright background

In some ways, today’s picture is quite similar to yesterday’s I suppose, at least in structure – a sweeping landscape with a bright blue sky!  The content could not be more different though, with yesterday’s crowded urban environment replaced by … Continue reading

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