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Keeping busy

The last couple of months have been fairly hectic.  Those of you who follow Facebook and Twitter may have seen a steady flow of images now appearing from my Remembrance Image Project, which is aiming to commemorate the centenary of … Continue reading

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A brief communion

London, let’s face it, is a fairly frenetic city.  The trade-off for the excitement, buzz and opportunities afforded by living in one of the world’s greatest cities is hustle and bustle, loud noise, and at times relentless activity all around … Continue reading

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Snapshots of lives

Yesterday morning, I was up at 3am.  This, I hasten to add, is an unusual occurrence as I’m not at my best in the wee small hours, and I tend to take a good while to get moving at that … Continue reading

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Keep looking

Last night, I was lucky enough to be asked to attend the Woodford and Wanstead Camera Club for one of their regular meetings.  They are one of the oldest photographic clubs in the country, dating back to late Victorian times, … Continue reading

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Event photography

Sometimes, I fear, conference and event photography is seen as a rather unglamorous pursuit.  It is characterised as sitting in gloomy conference halls, with brief moments of photographic activity when a speaker first takes the podium punctuating lengthy periods of … Continue reading

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