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Stately homes

Today’s picture is of Wilton House, a very grand stately home which I had the pleasure of visiting a couple of years ago; some of you may remember earlier pictures of its splendid Laburnum walk.  One of the things I … Continue reading

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House through trees

St Paul’s Walden Bury was the Queen Mother’s childhood home, and the gardens were also one of the first places I was privileged to shoot when I left the civil service to become a photographer.  I have always loved this … Continue reading

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Looking into the square

Before I moved to London, I lived in a town called Ware in Hertfordshire, where today’s picture was taken.  I’ve been thinking about the town this morning, as they used to hold a Dickensian Christmas evening every year in December … Continue reading

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The view between

This view between two beach huts was taken a few years ago on the Essex coast.  Beach huts seem to be a popular subject for photography, especially if they are painted in bright and contrasting colours. These ones were rather … Continue reading

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Flowers beyond the window

Compositional techniques like framing and leading lines are not just about making pretty pictures, they should also be a key part of the way in which each picture tells its story.  With something like framing, the relationship between the frame … Continue reading

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Trees framing trees

We are back to my ongoing obsession with trees today, I’m afraid!  The leaves of the tree in the foreground frame the cluster of trees in the background here, which I feel helps draw you into the image.  The trees … Continue reading

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Garden walk

In the course of my work on the First World War, I am starting to learn a fair amount about Rudyard Kipling who not only lost his son in the conflict, but also helped the Imperial War Graves Commission (as … Continue reading

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