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Paris Street

Incongruity was what struck me about today’s picture, taken on the streets of Paris in spring a couple of years back.  On the one hand, it is instantly recognisable as the French capital from the building style, the trees and … Continue reading

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Dusty bottles

I took this picture in a museum in upstate New York back in 2009, although to my shame I can’t remember exactly where I shot it.  The things which people discard, the detritus of day-to-day life, can be just as … Continue reading

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Reflecting windows

At first glance, today’s image looks very neat and symmetrical, but on careful examination it’s full of untidy disruptions to that sense of order.  One of the columns of windows sits slightly recessed from the others, carving a deeper line … Continue reading

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Trees framing trees

We are back to my ongoing obsession with trees today, I’m afraid!  The leaves of the tree in the foreground frame the cluster of trees in the background here, which I feel helps draw you into the image.  The trees … Continue reading

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Square and triangle

I think I must be in an abstract mood at the moment, judging from the last couple of pictures I’ve chosen.  Apologies – we’ll go back to landscapes soon, I promise… Today I’ve chosen a sight which has since disappeared … Continue reading

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Almost like footsteps

A few years ago I undertook a short photography project which involved taking images in the streets near where I live – in the course of the shoot, I can’t have ventured much more than a mile from my own … Continue reading

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Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Lincoln’s Inn Fields, I am told, is the largest public square in London.  Tucked in next to one of London’s four great Inns of Court, it is today a beautiful space in which workers come for a lunch or coffee … Continue reading

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