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Work:Life balance

Since I moved full-time to London, I never cease to be amazed by just how much there is to do on my doorstep, often at little or no cost.  Today was a case in point, as we embarked on a … Continue reading

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Words matter

Today I was sent a rather inspiring little video clip off Youtube.  It lasts less than two minutes, but manages to pack a punch in that time.  I won’t spoil it for you by revealing it’s conclusion, but suffice it … Continue reading

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Hand over the map

I’ve written before about journeys – indeed, the very name of this blog refers to them – and the concept of journeying is an important one to our lives.  Whether we are thinking about the whole span of our lives, … Continue reading

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Them and us

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about “localism” lately.  To be honest, it’s not a subject I have dwelt on much before, but it’s a bit of a buzzword here in the UK at the moment, so I have been … Continue reading

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Earn it…

“Earn this…earn it”.  In the film Saving Private Ryan, these are the dying words of Captain Miller, played by Tom Hanks, to the young Ryan – as Miller and a number of his men have just laid down their lives to … Continue reading

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Making assumptions

In his book The Four Agreements, don Miguel Ruiz sets out four tenets which he suggests can help shape a wise and fulfilling life.  Perhaps the one which I have consistently found the most challenging contains the deceptively simply exhortation: “Don’t make … Continue reading

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