Sundown by the Thames

Photographs rarely simply record a scene – the composition and focus selected by the photographer guide our eyes, and help to tell a story or ask a question about what we are looking at.

Today’s image in some ways subverts conventions – normally in a Thameside picture like this, we would be directed to look at the famous City skyline in the background.  Certainly it’s there, but on this occasion it’s in soft focus, directing our gaze instead to the riverside lamp in the foreground, and its writhing fish with the evening sun glinting off its scales (I believe it’s a sturgeon, but I am sure some of my followers who are London experts can correct or confirm that!).  Sometimes it’s good to notice the little details that are closest to us, and which are too often overlooked in favour of the splendid, but distant, cityscape.

Scultped riverside lamp with view of City of London beyond

Sundown by the Thames

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