Reflecting windows

At first glance, today’s image looks very neat and symmetrical, but on careful examination it’s full of untidy disruptions to that sense of order.  One of the columns of windows sits slightly recessed from the others, carving a deeper line up the sheer marbled surface of the building.  That line is itself offset to the right of the image rather than bisecting it neatly.  And whilst some of the windows mirror back at us only the bright spring light, the lower ones reflect and distort the leaves and branches of nearby trees.  For me, it is these disruptions which give the picture its interest.

Reflecting windows

Reflecting windows

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1 Response to Reflecting windows

  1. A bit of wabi-sabi perhaps or something vaguely similar. “Wabit-sabi” per Mr. Wikipedia: “beauty that is ‘imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete….'”

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