Flowers beyond the window

Compositional techniques like framing and leading lines are not just about making pretty pictures, they should also be a key part of the way in which each picture tells its story.  With something like framing, the relationship between the frame and the picture can be an important part of the drama of the image, the tale it tells, or the questions it raises.

Today’s image shows summer flowers in a garden, viewed through the frame of a window.  When I look at the picture, that “frame” raises interesting questions.  Whose gaze are we following as we look through the window, and is it a look of hope, longing or despair?  And what lies outside the frame, in the rest of the garden, to either side of that beautiful display of colour and fecundity?

Flowers beyond the window

Flowers beyond the window

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Photographer, business thinker and tour guide.
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