Square and triangle

I think I must be in an abstract mood at the moment, judging from the last couple of pictures I’ve chosen.  Apologies – we’ll go back to landscapes soon, I promise…

Today I’ve chosen a sight which has since disappeared – some steps down to the riverwalk near to where I live, which have fallen prey to the plethora of new building development taking place in the area.  I used to walk down them fairly frequently, but never turned back to look at them…until one day, when I saw that some creative individual had made their own little art installation there.

I love the way the shapes clash against each other, and the shiny whiteness of the tape marking out the square contrasts with the dull roughness of the concrete.  Curiously – and this probably says more about me than anything else – if I saw this in an art gallery I’d probably walk right by, but in the street it had an intrigue which really appealed to me.

Square shape marked out in tape on concrete ballustrade

Square and Triangle

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