Almost like footsteps

A few years ago I undertook a short photography project which involved taking images in the streets near where I live – in the course of the shoot, I can’t have ventured much more than a mile from my own front door.  This made selecting and carrying kit pretty simple, but it was a challenge creatively as it required me to think about “my own back yard” in quite a different way.

I started out thinking I knew my neighbourhood really well, but how wrong I was.  Very quickly I was discovering streets I’d never even realised were there, and I was noticing features and details which I’d probably walked past every day for months without giving them a second glance.

Today’s image was one from that shoot – just a pair of drain covers which I’d probably trodden on a hundred times before without knowing it.   Something about their layout makes me think they look like the footprints of some strange creature left behind in the stone…

Pair of drain covers


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