November landscape

Having been so contrary with yesterday’s springtime post, I thought I’d better get back with the programme and focus on autumn today, so I’m sharing a picture that was indeed taken in November, albeit a few years ago, in Yorkshire.

One of the reasons I love landscape photography is that it encourages you to step out of yourself for a while, and to consider yourself in the vastness of the world you live in.  You might think that would have a tendency to make you feel insignificant, and I guess sometimes it does, but far more often the feeling is one of wonder: an amazement at being even a small part of something so vast and powerful.

For me, today’s image is all about that scale and power.  I love the drama of the rocks in the foreground, giving way to the open landscape beyond, and then the fog rolling in across the flat lands in the distance like some violent outpouring of a dragon’s breath.  It reminds me of some of those old fantasy films where sailors reach the edge of the world, shrouded in mist, and are confronted by the infinity which lies beyond.

View from a rocky hill looking over a foggy valley

November landscape

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