Just to be contrary…

So the weather has finally turned, and autumn (or maybe even winter) is finally upon us.  So just to be contrary, today’s image shows a spring leaf bursting forth at Ham House gardens.  Before anyone suggests that this is yet further evidence of global warming, I should point out that I took this image in March a couple of years back!

If yesterday’s image was all about pattern and texture, then today is all about colour.  I think we often fail to notice the rich variety of tones in the colour of the world around us.  The fresh green of a newly formed spring leaf is different from the more mellow green of the established one, and both are different again from the dusky green of the late summer.  As autumn turns into winter, colours change again, and although they may be more muted than in the blazing glory days of July, there is still a huge variety of shade and tone to engage us, if only we take the time to look.

Spring leaf

Spring leaf

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