Patterns and rust

I had the pleasure of taking two people on a night-time photo walk of London a few days ago.  One of them commented that a key challenge of photography is actually finding the time to do it; and one of its rewards is realising that when you do so, you start to look at the world in a new way.  Regular readers, who know how strongly I feel about this issue, will suspect me of prompting this comment, but it was honestly quite spontaneous and unsolicited!

Observing the world in a new way, and seeing interest or beauty in things you might otherwise miss, is one of the gifts that photography gives you, more or less in proportion to the effort which you invest in it.  Today’s image shows a detail from what at first glance might have looked like some unpreposessing metal bars…but on getting down into the detail I found shapes and patterns which were intriguing and which, in my view, had a beauty of their own.

Patterns and rust

Patterns and rust

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