A memorial in Amiens

As part of my First World War photography project, I visited Amiens last year – a city which, in 1918 at least, found itself just a short distance behind the front lines of the fighting.  The memorial in today’s image is in fact to the 1939-45 conflict, and shows how in this case (as in many others) the same terrain was fought over just twenty or so years later.

For me, this memorial has an intriguing tension to it.  On the one hand, it shows a strength and solidity, with its stone pylon piercing firmly into the blue sky, and the clear lettering set deeply into its sides.  On the other hand, there is almost a sense of delicacy and motion to it, as the figure thrusts itself forward almost as if in flight; and that sense of movement is amplified by the flag which is caught in the wind above it.

Amiens war memorial

Amiens war memorial

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