“Sweet Thames, run softly…”

The name of London’s great river, the Thames, is said to come from an old word meaning “dark”.  I guess the tidal nature of the river has always stirred up a lot of mud and silt which tends to make the water look grey and dark.  That never seems to make it dull though.  There is something about the river which makes me stop and stare; if I am on the bus reading a book, I will almost always stop and look up if we cross the river, just to make sure I don’t miss anything.

Maybe it’s the play of light on the river which draws me in; or the contrast of its smooth service with the jagged London skyline around it; or even the way it pierces a still, silent line through the hectic hustle of the city around it.  Or maybe it’s something of all of those things, and more.  Today’s picture shows the river in the soft evening light which glints off the bridge and embankment, and shimmers on the surface of the water itself.

River Thames in evening light

River Thames in evening light

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