Underneath the arches

Many years ago, when I first moved to London, I started to familiarise myself with some of the better-known districts and sites within the city.  After a few years, I realised that I knew lots of pockets within London very well, but was woefully ignorant of the areas in between them.  So then I started to explore those patches that are perhaps off the tourist and commuter track, but link everything together – and I started to discover that sometimes these could be the most fascinating areas of all!

Today’s picture shows that in miniature – a small colonnade linking the wide thoroughfare of Kingsway with the expanse of Lincoln’s Inn Fields.  Even the name of this street places it firmly in the marginalia of London landmarks – it’s simply called Remnant Street.  But there’s something intriguing about people passing through the play of light and dark between the columns, and the glow of bright sunlight at the far end, promising a wider vista beyond.

View along Remnant Street

View along Remnant Street

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1 Response to Underneath the arches

  1. nats2021 says:

    I walk through this arch way almost every day. And one of my favorite things about it is how it changes during based on the weather as you exit at the other end in to Lincoln’s Inn Fields.

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