A wintry day

Being in a seasonal mood, I thought I’d continue yesterday’s wintry theme with another image from December 2009, when the Christmas holidays were somewhat snow-clad.  I remember that the thickness of the snow varied hugely even over a small area, presumably as it was blown by the winter wind.  You could be struggling to wade through thick drifts of it at one moment, and then standing on frozen ground which was merely flecked with snow the next.

In today’s image, there is a light dusting of snow over a ploughed field.  The ploughed furrows poke through the snow like so many mountaintops peaking above the clouds, punctuating the image with a regular and repeating pattern.  The twigs and branches in the foreground, meanwhile, form an irregular and organic frame to the view.  When I look at the picture, I can still feel the freshness of the cool country air, and the chill nipping at my fingers and face.

A wintry field

A wintry field

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