The Brooklyn Bridge

I’ve visited New York City only three times, but I very quickly fell in love with the Brooklyn Bridge.  Maybe it’s partly because it has such an iconic status, and has featured in so many movies.  But I think it’s also the way it manages to combine awe-inspiring engineering with a real sense of beauty.

There’s something about that interlocking mesh of wires sweeping past you and stretching up to the towers in a looming perspective which is really impressive – I  feel that I can sense the tension in the cables which are holding me up.  And then there’s the way that the whole construction frames what is around it, offering you glimpses of the New York skyline through its gaps and openings.

I am not sure when I shall next be back in New York, but I am pretty sure that when I make it, this will be on my list of places to revisit!



View along the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

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