Paris street photography

I wouldn’t describe myself as a street photographer – I simply don’t do enough of it!  But when I do, I really enjoy it.  There’s something really fulfilling about trying to capture images which show, as candidly as possible, the everyday life of the world around you whilst presenting a pleasing and engaging composition.

Today’s image is from a Paris street market back in the spring.  For me, it’s the combination of elements which interests me.  In the foreground the newspapers loom large, shouting their headlines in French and English to the market shoppers; while behind them the buildings and the trees stand quietly, simply observing the shifting tide of humanity.  And then in the middle distance the figure on the phone, seemingly oblivious to the rest of the scene.

That’s the story it tells me – for you, of course, it may convey something quite different.  And I guess that’s really the enduring appeal of street photography…or perhaps even of art in general?

Paris street market

Paris street market

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