A glimpse of a tower

A glimpse of Bankside Power Station (aka Tate Modern)

A glimpse of Bankside Power Station (aka Tate Modern)

There is something of a contrast between yesterday’s roses and cottage door, and today’s towering obelisk of bricks.  The huge tower of Bankside Power Station (now the Tate Modern art gallery) always reminds me of happy days spent in the University Library at Cambridge, whose central tower is strikingly similar….which is not surprising, as architect Giles Gilbert Scott designed both buildings.

The opening of Tate Modern in the building in the year 2000 seemed to spark a flurry of regeneration along this part of the south bank of the Thames, and that’s still continuing today.  This picture seems to me to tell that story, as the imposing tower of the older building is slowly surrounded by other more modern constructions, some just as striking in their own way.  For some people this is something to regret, but personally I enjoy the juxtaposition of different eras of design, and the contrast of the brick with the plate glass and metal of twenty-first century building technique.

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2 Responses to A glimpse of a tower

  1. I love the Tate Modern! And my kids love it too–it always manages to fire their creativity. Maybe that’s the ‘non-stuffiness’ of it, I don’t know. Haven’t been in a few years, but would love to go back.
    Great photo too!

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