Avenue of trees

The other day, I was hanging some new pictures at home.  Actually I tell a lie, I’m hopeless at hanging pictures, so a kind friend was doing it for me.  As we were positioning them, I commented that I don’t like hanging pictures all at the same height, in straight lines.  This has always been a strongly held view for reasons which I can’t quite pin down, but which are not simply a case of my own inability to hang them straight if left to my own devices!  For me, there’s something about varying the height of the images on my wall which makes them more pleasing, and allows the eye to roam more freely between the frames.

Which made me stop and think when I chose today’s picture – my dislike for lines clearly does not apply to the content of the images within the frame!  Today’s line of trees plunges deep into the frame, driving through the landscape with confidence and energy before receding over what looks like the crest of a slight rise.

But even here, the harshness of the line and the perfection of its symmetry are broken.  The light filtering through the leaves of the trees creates a softness to the fringes of the image, while the piercing line of white it creates along the ground is decidedly off-centre, wavering slightly uncertainly between the trees.

And, in fairness, uncertain wavering is definitely a characteristic shared with those pictures at home which I have been left to hang myself….

Avenue of trees with light through leaves, in black and white

Avenue of trees

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