Autumn photography course

Ham House

Ham House

I am privileged to be running an autumn “Introduction to digital SLR photography” course at the National Trust’s magnificent Ham House and Gardens on 3 October this year.  A course I ran at the property back in the spring was well-received, and I was thrilled that one of the delegates even got a picture they’d taken on the day published in the local newspaper!

During the course of the day, there is a chance to take photos in the beautiful and extensive grounds; to capture the striking exterior of the house itself; and also to spend some time taking photographs indoors on a day when the house is closed to the general public.  As one delegate observed last time, it’s “a very inspiring day in a beautiful place”.

In terms of the course itself, topics on the day will include:

Blossom at Ham House

Blossom at Ham House

• what is photography?
• principles of good exposure
• controlling depth of field in your images
• selecting the right shutter speed for best effect
• understanding ISO – how sensitive is your sensor
• taking photos indoors – specific considerations
• basic compositional techniques
• bringing it all together – how to get a good picture under pressure

If you would like to come along, then you can book online – it would be great to see you there.

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