Leaving space

One of the traps which new photographers often fall into is putting too much in the frame – either by not getting close enough to what they are shooting, or by not zooming/cropping in far enough.  The picture can then seem cluttered, and the viewer left unsure and confused as to what they are looking at.  I say that “new photographers” are prone to this, but to be honest I think it’s something which even more experienced photographers (myself included!) remain prone to.  “Get in closer” is the watchword.

But, like all “rules”, getting in closer is not foolproof.  Sometimes, the right thing is to step back, get plenty in the frame, and leave space for the image to do its work.  Because sometimes that space is what makes the image come alive.  In today’s picture, my eye was caught by the apparent isolation of the figure, perhaps lost in thought amidst the vastness of beach, sea and sky.  So as well as “get in closer”, “leave space” might be another good tool to bear in mind (perhaps in life in general, as well as in photography!).

Single figure on a beach, looking out to sea

Looking out to sea

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