Bridge at sunset

The times around sunrise and sunset are of course great times to take photographs: the sun is low in the sky, with a soft and warm light that casts long, gentle shadows.  It’s often also a very reflective and quieter time of day, which for me somehow makes it easier to take time over composing images, even when you know that this period of beautiful light is short-lived.

Judging by the popularity of the dusk/night time photography walks which I lead, I’m not alone in this feeling!  Today’s picture was taken at Blackfriars Bridge in London.  The sun is setting to the left of the picture, and throwing the mantle of its warm evening glow over the underside of the bridge.  People are still toing and froing back and forth across the bridge above, going about their business with little or no idea of the beautiful scene unfolding below them.

Blackfriars Bridge at sunset

Blackfriars Bridge at sunset

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