A colourful planter

Back to Hertford again today, but not to sweeping views of the castle, streets or churches.  This time, we are focussing in on a small planter, which looked to me as if it had been fashioned from an old watering trough, and was tucked away amongst the undergrowth.

People often comment on the fact that I like black and white photography – which is true, as I am fascinated by the shapes and textures which the lack of colour throws into relief.  But I am equally drawn to colour itself, and that’s what caught my eye about this image.

I’m not normally a big fan of colour popping, where only a small portion of the photo appears in colour (often just one colour, as in the legendary London phone box or New York taxi shots!).  But here it seemed to me to work, drawing out the mauve of the flower petals like small fireworks erupting over the cool stone of the planter.

Mauve flowers in a stone planter, in Hertford

Flowers in a planter

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