Spring colour

I’ve just been teaching a residential photography course at Denman, the college of the Women’s Institute in Oxfordshire (for any interested parties, I am running the course again in September!).  On one of the days, we spent quite a bit of time chatting about colour vs black and white, not in a “which is better” kind of way, but just exploring the different elements of a photo which can be brought out with different colour treatments.

I guess I produce a fair number of black and white images, but I love the impact of strong colour too.  When the spring days start to lengthen, and the flowers start to come into bloom, I am always on the look out for those fresh and vibrant splashes of colour that confirm that the good weather really is on the way.  This picture, from late May this year, was taken in the laburnum walk at Wilton House, where the sheer energy and impact of the profusion of bright yellow was stunning.

The laburnum walk at Wilton House

The laburnum walk at Wilton House

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