A winding way

I’m in the process of publishing a few of the pictures from the collection I built up when I lived near Hertford a few years ago.  I’ve recently posted up a couple of details from the main street – a hanging sign and a splendid piece of wrought ironwork.

Today’s image shows the street as a whole, gently winding away from us.  I always loved this view – there’s something very pleasing about that gentle curve into the distance.  The details of the various different buildings are also appealing – the delicate stucco type work on the building in the foreground on the left, the large hanging sign for the Salisbury Arms, the corn exchange in the middle distance, and the large clock looming over it all at the top.

A street in Hertford

A street in Hertford

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Photographer, business thinker and tour guide.
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2 Responses to A winding way

  1. Sheila Peskett says:

    Hi Simon
    Having been at school in Hertford (Christ’s Hospital) this brings back lots of memories. Not all good but I love the photo.
    You seem to be enjoying life.
    Best wishes

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