A little more of Hertford

Just before I went on holiday, I published a picture of a golden key hanging above one of the main streets in Hertford, UK.  It received quite a positive response, with one or two folk commenting on how they enjoyed this observation of a small design detail which might otherwise be missed.

Intricate ironwork in Hertford

Intricate ironwork in Hertford

I used to live near Hertford, so got to know the area well, and I am fascinated by these sorts of architectural detail.  So over the next few weeks I’ll include a few posts of photographs from my explorations in the area, almost all small details like that first golden key.  Today’s shows just a small section of beautifully crafted ironwork – I loved the intricacy of the design, and the textures as the light played through the fretwork.  Just another little illustration that we only have to open our eyes and look about us, to find that there is often hidden beauty just under (or just above!) our noses.

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