The garden at Gilbert White’s House

The interruption in transmission for the last couple of weeks has been the result of a fortnight traveling in Germany with limited internet access.  Lots of photos were taken, and those will start to appear online over the coming weeks.

For today, I am sharing an image I took much closer to home, at Gilbert White’s House in Hampshire during May. Gilbert White was a leading naturalist in the 1700s, and the house tells the story of his work and his publications.

It is also the home to the Oates collection.  This includes materials and papers of Captain Lawrence Oates who accompanied Scott on his Antarctic expedition, and sadly never returned.  The Oates side of things also contains the collection of Lawrence’s uncle, Frank Oates – like Gilbert White he was a naturalist, only in his case in the late 1800s.  So there’s plenty of variety and lots to see.

As well as the house, there is a beautiful garden, which seems only appropriate for a place so closely associated with people whose interests lay with the natural world.  I loved the colour in this view, and the way the arch framed the lush garden beyond.

Gilbert White House, garden

The garden of Gilbert White’s House

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