Sharing some images

As those of you who are kind enough to follow me on Facebook or Twitter will know, I try to share one of my photographs each weekday morning.  Some of you are kind enough to share or comment on the pictures I post up, and it’s always really useful for me to hear what people think of the images, and sometimes quite surprising (in a good way!).

The nature of those social media sites, however, tends to mean that the photo just gets published with a title, and not with much explanation.  So as a trial, I’ve decided to start publishing a selection of the photos on this blog, where I can write a little bit more about them.  This won’t necessarily be a daily event, but I’ll try to do it fairly regularly, and for those images where I feel there’s something more worth saying!

Today’s image is a tiny detail from an exhilarating walk.  A couple of weeks ago, I went to do a pre-wedding shoot for a couple in Hampshire.  Afterwards, Gareth and I went for a walk nearby which they’d recommended to me as a great place for landscape photos – a winding path up a steep hillside called the Ziz-Zag.  It was aptly named, as my sore legs discovered on the climb!  Fortunately, a light shower meant that we had a good excuse to rest part way up as we sheltered from the rain.  The landscape views were indeed splendid, but one thing which really caught my eye was much closer by – this tiny seed head, tousled from the rain, nestling amongst the long grass.

Dandelion seed head

Seed head

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