Taking stock at the Mayor’s house

One of the best things about being a photographer, especially if you shoot parties and events,  is that you quite often get asked to photograph the moments of people’s lives that are fun, exciting and celebratory.  Weddings are of course a classic example, but by no means the only one – as I was reminded just recently.

To give a little background: every year, the City of London runs a guiding course to train a new intake of City Guides, who then go forth into the world to help introduce tourists to that amazing area of our capital city.  I am privileged to know many of them, and to count some of them amongst my friends – so I was delighted to be asked to photograph their end-of-academic-year celebration in October.

The event was hosted by the Lord Mayor of London and Lady Mayoress, at their official residence in the City, Mansion House.  The small selection of photos accompanying this blog post shows the opulence of the setting, together with some of the fun, surprise, excitement and camaraderie of the event, as the newly-qualified guides celebrated the completion of their course and the award of their hard-earned qualification.

All too often, once we have completed a challenge, we start focussing on the next “big thing” in our lives.  But it’s just as imporant to take a step back, reflect on what we have done, and take stock of our achievements.  Hopefully this event will have allowed the attendees to do just that – and with a bit of luck the photos will enable them to reflect on it for many years to come!

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