A living project

Flower detail from wrought iron gateThis year, I am lucky enough to be exhibiting at Childwickbury Arts Fair, near St Albans.  The images I have for sale will include some of my own favourites from over the past year, as well as a few from my recent trip to Transylvania.

But there is also going to be another dimension to what I am doing there, and it all began about 18 months ago.  I had the slightly crazy idea of embarking on an ongoing project to document in photographs the day-to-day life of various different locations.  As a photographer, I was particularly interested in how the quality of light in different spaces shaped and influenced our emotional reaction to them, and so I decided to call the project “A week in the light of…”.

The first subject was Hertford Theatre, with a shoot running over about eight days in spring 2011, and an exhibition in the theatre’s gallery in August of last year.  It was great fun working in such an exciting and dynamic space, and it generated a real variety of images.

Rose petals adorned with droplets of waterWhat has all this to do with Childwickbury, you might ask?  Well, with the permission of the organisers, I aim to run the same project there, documenting a week in the light of Childwickbury Arts Fair.  I have been taking some pictures in advance of the fair itself, capturing parts of the setting up process, and also some of the beautiful architectural and natural details which make Childwickbury such a remarkable place.  I’ll be adding to these during the fair itself, hopefully creating what is, in essence, a living art installation.

It’s going to be an interesting learning experience, and I am hopeful that some of the other exhibitors and attendees at the event will be willing photographic subjects!  In a week or so, I’ll be able to reflect on exactly how it has all gone, and hopefully share some more of the images.

But in the meantime, if you have the chance to get along to the fair, it runs on 6th, 7th and 8th July, beginning at 10am each day.  Do drop by, look at the fantastic range of different arts and crafts which will be on display…and if you like, become part of the “week in the light of” project!

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