The variety of life

So, the Transylvania blog entries have finished – I can hear sighs of relief all round!  Normal service will now be resumed – but I hope you found something to interest you in either the nature, history or photographic opportunities in Romania, and have perhaps been inspired to visit this amazing country yourself.

The trip, though still a vivid and happy memory, feels like a long time ago, and I have been very much “back to work” over the past month.  One of my big tasks has been more photography for the Stockwell bus garage project.

Last time I wrote about that, I had been taking photographs in the building itself; at the moment, I am taking portrait photographs of people who are in some way connected with the garage, to accompany interviews which they have given.

When I started this phase of the work, I expected to be taking photographs of bus drivers and maybe one or two retired bus conductors.  How wrong I was.  The huge variety of subjects have included people who work at the garage now, those who worked there many years ago, architects, historians and even someone who used to play in the environs of the building as a youth.

It’s been fascinating to meet and chat to such a wide range of people with different backgrounds, interests and memories.  At the end of the day though, despite its remarkable architecture, I guess the bus garage is just a place of work like any other.  Which reinforced for me that perhaps lots of other places of work – offices, banks, shops – are just as rich in backgrounds, interests and memories, if we only take the time to look, and find out.

The author E M Forster coined the phrase “Only connect” as the epigraph for his novel Howard’s End.  I believe it reflected his belief that human existence would be improved if we could all take more time to connect with and understand each other, in a world which is highly structured and at times mechanistic.

Perhaps we could start that process by finding out more about those backgrounds, interests and memories which are work colleagues have, and begin to connect a little more closely.

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