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Taking a likeness

Portrait photography is both a great challenge, and a great privilege, of my work. A portrait – or to use the quaint older phrase “a likeness” – is a deeply personal matter, and I am always very touched when somebody … Continue reading

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Winning or understanding?

Just inside the doors of the British Museum, to the right as you enter, is a tiny temporary exhibition on the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. I only stumbled on it by chance as I was waiting for … Continue reading

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I’m ready for my close-up

I’ve been a keen photographer for many years, but I still never forget the time when I first discovered “macro” photography.  For those who don’t know, macro is basically close-up photography.  As with most things photographic, there is a great … Continue reading

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Churchill and leadership

Over the years I have helped to facilitate many leadership programmes, working with individuals and teams to explore what leadership means, how they might develop their leadership potential, and what impact that might have on what they do and those … Continue reading

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Art and architecture

Last night I attended a superb lecture at the St Bride’s Institute given by City of London guide Francis Pugh.  He was speaking about the art and architecture of commerce from 1880-1920.  Using a number of examples of London architecture … Continue reading

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Let’s celebrate!

Frequently, being a photographer is a huge privilege – I get to share significant moments in people’s lives, to see sights that matter a great deal to people, and to handle and shoot historic artefacts which are truly unique. Yesterday, … Continue reading

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