I’m ready for my close-up

Macro photographI’ve been a keen photographer for many years, but I still never forget the time when I first discovered “macro” photography.  For those who don’t know, macro is basically close-up photography.  As with most things photographic, there is a great deal of nerdy debate about what actually defines a macro shot, but “close-up” photography works for me as a definition.

The image to the left is one which I took in my own home – its close-up nature means it is almost abstract, but see if you can work out what it is.  For me, it sums up how  macro photography opens up a whole new world of images to the photographer.

The first time I walked out into my garden with a macro lens on my camera, I felt the world had changed.  Suddenly, my own backyard contained a lifetime of photographic opportunities from the detail of the winter frost, through the delicacy of a newly formed spring blossom or a parched summer grass, to the skeletons of fallen leaves in the autumn.  It was a very uplifiting feeling.

But of course the world hadn’t changed.  It had been there all along, and what had changed was my perception of it, my awareness of all the potential beauty out there…  The greatest gift which photography has given me is a new way of looking at the world and appreciating its variety and wonder.

Through my rather varied job roles – as a photographer, tour guide and business consultant – it is this desire to help people see the world around them in a new way which ties it all together.  If I can encourage people to spot the photo which tells a different story about its subject; to discover a little bit of history which presents their city in a new light; or to uncover an insight into how they or their customers think which enables them to do business better, then I have helped.

And that picture?  If you are still trying to decipher it, it is the grill on the front of an electric fire.

About simongregor

Photographer, business thinker and tour guide.
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