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“Practice makes perfect”.  “I’m a bit of a perfectionist”.  “I just want the whole day to be perfect”. “He seems perfect for you”. Perfection is a concept we refer to a lot – at work, when we study, or in … Continue reading

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Take your time

How often we casually use those words – “take your time”.  Whether to hurrying children, to stressed colleagues, or to ourselves when we are rushed off our feet, we probably hear these words so often that we forget what they … Continue reading

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Them and us

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about “localism” lately.  To be honest, it’s not a subject I have dwelt on much before, but it’s a bit of a buzzword here in the UK at the moment, so I have been … Continue reading

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Event photography

Sometimes, I fear, conference and event photography is seen as a rather unglamorous pursuit.  It is characterised as sitting in gloomy conference halls, with brief moments of photographic activity when a speaker first takes the podium punctuating lengthy periods of … Continue reading

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Earn it…

“Earn this…earn it”.  In the film Saving Private Ryan, these are the dying words of Captain Miller, played by Tom Hanks, to the young Ryan – as Miller and a number of his men have just laid down their lives to … Continue reading

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Portfolio careers

A few weeks ago I attended a helpful workshop on the subject of how to manage a portfolio career, which I guess is what I now have.  Loosely speaking, I would define such a career as one where the individual engages … Continue reading

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Making assumptions

In his book The Four Agreements, don Miguel Ruiz sets out four tenets which he suggests can help shape a wise and fulfilling life.  Perhaps the one which I have consistently found the most challenging contains the deceptively simply exhortation: “Don’t make … Continue reading

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