A lamp for the journey

Lamps, and journeys, are important to me, which is why I’ve named this blog as I have.

As a photographer, I try to make it my business to understand light. How does it give shape to the world around us? How do its colour, direction, intensity, movement and changeability shape our experience of a space, and our emotional reactions to our environment? And how can I try to capture something of the uniqueness of the moment when I release the shutter? Whatever “lamp” is lighting that moment – from the blazing noonday sun to the gentle flicker of a guttering candle – I want to try to capture its essence.

As well as being a photographer, I am someone who tries to help businesses to think about what they do, why they do it, and how perhaps they might do it better (or differently). I suppose you might call it “consultancy”, though that’s not a term I particularly embrace! A lot of consultants sell their services on the basis of having answers – they may be right! I believe that the business itself has the answers – after all, they know what they do better than anyone. Their problem is that often they don’t know where to look. My job, as the consultant, is to have the right questions; and by asking those questions in the right way and at the right time, to shed light on the opportunities which would otherwise be missed. Rather like a lamp.

In addition to being a photographer, and a business thinker, I am first and foremost just another person trying to live my life as best I can. I used to think that life was about having a clear destination in mind – a goal, if you like – and success came when you reached it. The more I live, though, the more I think life is less about the goal, and more about the process of getting there, the journey. There’s nothing wrong with having goals – they are what prompt the journey in the first place – but the real riches of life are in the travelling rather than the arriving.

If this blog in some small way encourages others to love the journey, and maybe along the way sheds a little light on the path, then it’s done all that I hoped.

About simongregor

Photographer, business thinker and tour guide.
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